MTM Sound Follower

MTM Sound Follower


We have many options for sound, so we decided it was best to dedicate a page for the wonders of sound on film.

  • 35mm Mono/Stereo to digital - $0.03/ft
  • 16mm Mono to digital - $0.03/ft
  • 35mm SRD/SDDS to linear PCM 6CH - $0.05/ft
  • 35mm SR to linear PCM 6CH - $0.05/ft
  • 35mm Magnetic Stripe (1-track) to digital- $0.05/ft
  • 16mm Magnetic Full Coat to digital - $0.05/ft

ADAT and digital files provided by you will be married to the picture at no cost.

  • Digital file or ADAT to 35mm mag stripe - $0.35/ft
  • Digital file or ADAT to 16mm mag full coat - $0.30/ft
  • Dig file/ADAT/Mag to 35mm optical neg - $0.80/ft *
  • Dig file/ADAT/Mag to 16mm optical neg - $0.72/ft *

*Optical sound recording in mono only. Price includes processing and film.