Alhambra Sacramento's palace of fantasy

New MAB documentary released February 2018 about Sacramento, California's million dollar temple to moving pictures and art, the 1927 Alhambra Theatre. The story; in interviews, pictures and movies of Sacramento's lost Alhambra Theatre, a 1927 palatial million dollar temple to moving pictures and art.

When presented with this project, it was found that portions of the film were indeed NOT black and white, but KODACOLOR. KODACOLOR was only on the market from 1928-1935, an additive lenticular color process on Kodak Motion Picture Film that used, in essence, an RGB filter on the camera to take the image using a special black and white film embedded with lenticular lenses that captured the filtered color information. Once processed, it would project like black and white film (with lenticular lines) unless you placed a similar RGB filter on the projector, which would add all the color back in that was taken at the scene. A clumsy, complicated process that did not fare well with the wealthy public that could afford the equipment. Kodak abandoned it in favor of the far superior KODACHROME in 1936.

Bacos Film developed a way to electronically layer in the precise filter formula of the KODACOLOR process.

The story behind your radio dial

The documentary is about the discovery of a rare 35mm film print of the 1948 short film "Behind Your Radio Dial" which shows the NBC radio network at the height of network radio dominance, not unlike the world-wide web of today, centered at Rockefeller Center at the pivotal point of the birth of network television. Matias Bombal relates the story of the film studio that made it, the artists that crafted the 1948 short, and a tour of NBC that places key moments of the film against a blueprint of the art moderne building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, identifying many of the unsung pioneers of broadcast seen in the 1948 film. The narrative concludes with a fantastic new 2K pin registered transfer from a mint 35mm original release print of the 1948 short, rich in detail not seen since 1948.

Radio Dial Comparison.jpg

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